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Self Study Courses

I am so pleased to be offering these self study courses which are designed for you to learn at your own pace.  The benefits and comfort of being able to learn in your own environment allows students to take their time and go through the material over and over if needed.  You will have access to class materials immediately upon purchase.

Perhaps you are beginning to become interested in Animal Communication.  Wondering if this might be for you?

Have you ever lost an animal and wanted to know what happens to them after they cross over?  Can they hear you?  Can you talk to them?

All courses are taught by Latifa Meena, the First State Certified Professional Animal Communicator in the world.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a Professional who has clients all over the world, including exotic animals such as tigers, racoons, zebras, camels and much more!

These self study courses are an easy, safe and secure way to start from scratch and learn what Animal Communication is all about.

        Myth - you must posses a special gift to be an animal communicator

        Myth - it's only for those who have been psychic all their life

        Myth - I must have prior experience with animals

        Myth - I am starting to late in life to learn this

    Animal Communication is available to all individuals. 

    This is a skill set you can learn.  First you must believe !

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Self Study Courses

Work at your own pace, in your own home.  One course, two courses or all of them, it's up to you!  This is a great way to begin your journey learning about animal communication and how it all works.

Learn the skill sets needed to become an animal communicator and learn that YOU CAN do this!

Interested in Saving Money!!   Bundle classes together and save! $$$$