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These programs are taught online with live classroom instructor, Latifa Meena

Earning a Diploma in either, or both, of these amazing courses gives you the advantage of a new career and sets you above the rest and your competition. 

As a Professional Animal Communicator for the past 17 years, I can tell you it has, and continues to be,
one of the most rewarding careers I have ever had.  The ability to share so many wonderful Journeys and help so, many animals and their humans is humbling yet so rewarding.

These 2 courses are more than just animal communication.  It is complete look at the world of Metaphysics and how to discover the tools which can you with your journey as an Animal Communicator.   It provides opportunities to do your own healing work and to change your life.    

The Diploma of Animal Communication is designed as a 9 1/2 week online course with your instructor, Latifa Meena, for those individuals to seek to deepen their connection to animals and provides a great stepping stone if you choose to make this career at a future time. 


The Professional Course is a 4 month course designed  all online with your instructor, Latifa Meena and is geared for those individuals who truly seek to change their lives for the better and to find a way to have a fulfilling career while getting puppy kisses, kitty kisses, camel kisses and more.  Both courses are LIFE CHANGING!!

Perhaps you already work with animals such as a veterinarian, animal trainer, handler or breeder or just want a new rewarding career, the Professional Course is for you.   Your Diploma awaits you and don't forget, your Diploma is backed by the New Hampshire Department of Education and US Department of Education.   No prior experience is needed, just the willingness to learn, be open and have fun.


This is the ONLY Diploma offered by a Secondary Licensed School, backed by the US Department of Education in Animal Communication program in the United States.  The only Animal Communication course with Diploma status. 

You can find more information on course outlines, tuition and financing options just click the links below.    




Louisville, KY, USA


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