Building Trust

The greatest thing you can ever do with your animal companions is to speak with them. Verbally. Tell them who what where why and how. They too want to know the schedule and what to expect during the day, week and months if it will be outside of their normal schedule.

All animals can count. They know it by a light and a dark and that is how they understand the schedule.

Be polite, have respect and keep them posted about changes, all kinds, new furniture, moving, painting etc. Travel plans are extremely important to go over with them. Tell them how many lights and darks you will be gone and let them know their job is to stay with (whomever), they are to wait, be safe, eat, play, rest and you will be back to get them on the 7th light, etc.

The more the animals know the less they may up. Simple huh?

You can always reach me of you need additional help.

Give all the animals a big hug and kiss.

Daniel Allen