Take it Off... Take it Off

Did you know that all expenses, tuition, travel, books, materials, etc can ALL be taken off your TAXES for the Professional Animal Certification Courses?    It's True....you can write it all off.   Isn't that fabulous?

We are beginning another certified course August 27, 2018.   Whether you want to make this your profession or want to learn more, this course is for you.  This is the only State Certified and Approved Animal Communication Course in the United States.

Allow me to share with you what one of our students said about the course:

It’s hard to over emphasize the value and knowledge I’ve learned in the Basic course.

I started into it thinking only about talking with animals, and somewhere around week three began to realize that this was waaaay more than animal communication. It was with ever growing gratitude and excitement that I began reading the books about and watching the videos of the professionals in their fields explaining their processes, and realizing that I was not alone in the way I think and do things.

For the first time ever, I began understanding the benefits of meditation, instead of regarding it as something I couldn’t effectively do. Ditto for grounding. I now ground on a daily, if not minute by minute, basis. And ditto for breathing, and it’s effect on grounding, meditation and healing.

I’ve begun to organize my process of communicating with clients and their animals. The nuts and bolts of dealing with how to communicate within a framework of ethics, and keeping my ego and agenda out of it. It’s been the start of a fascinating journey for me of figuring out how strong my ego and agenda actually are, and of developing different ways to deal with or quiet them.

The emphasis on INTENT and it’s importance cannot be understated. Before this course, I can’t say I ever really thought about it. Which sounds crazy, but I just wasn’t putting two and two together. Now I try to start everything I do with the highest good and intent for all involved, and then I let it go and give it to Universe to handle. This is starting to make me a happier person. Realizing that I wasn’t really in control of anything ever, and beginning to let that misguided belief go, has been very freeing.

I have loved starting learning about Angels and Spirit Guides, and I now talk to mine on a constant basis. Before this course, I had vague notions about who was out there, or how to communicate with them. Now I’m trying to quiet my mind enough to listen. It’s a good thing they’re patient!

In closing, I cannot express enough how much this course has affected me. It’s almost like I’ve been given permission to fly free, and I am full of gratitude that the learning and evolving has only just begun. I am so thankful that I am taking all of the courses, this has been a brilliant beginning. Thank you, Latifa!!!

Want to know more?   Please visit https://wholepetnh.com/certificates/     Student Financing is Available and the Academy is Veteran Approved.     You can also contact Latifa at 502-641-4119.

Come change the world with us!!

Daniel Allen