So Sorry

I wanted to apologize for not blogging lately. It's been super busy and that's a good thing, but it is a practice which is new for me to blog and share my stories.

In March I attended and vended at the Louisville Cluster Dog Show. This was the absolute best show I have ever done in my entire 12 years. I had more readings than ever before and EACH and EVERY reading was an "OMG" moment. That has never happened before.

80% new clients from all over the globe. I was so honored to meet new people. New breeds.

The Universe was amazing and Spirit directed those who truly needed help, both humans and animals that were so very open to the session. Why can't they ALL be like that right?

I had students from my Professional Course attend and practice with me. I loved having the company and they were amazing!!

Hoping this message finds all of you dealing with Mercury In Retrograde as best as possible. Sending love and kisses to all the animal companions out there.  HUGS!!!!!

Daniel Allen