A very common question I am often asked is if animals reincarnate? Yes we all do!

Whether animal or human we make our life plans, we come to live on this planet and go through our life lessons and then we go back home after this journey has been completed.

Animals and humans do reincarnate. We choose to return into the body and redo the lessons we think we didn't accomplish very well or want a "do over,"

Sometimes animals return to the same humans and sometimes they seek others.

No matter, we all return to the other side when we are through.

You may have had an animal who you swear was another animal you have had before.   They can return to finish their jobs with you so they can help their humans.

You also may have adopted an animal you have an instant connection with but you don't now why. It is very possible you two have known each other in this life or a past life.

Daniel Allen