What Do We Learn?

Are we able to learn from our Animals? They have so much to teach us but do we always listen?

Sometimes we think are animals are misbehaving or disobeying when in reality, they are trying to share with you that something isn't working for them. Yes, there are times when they just plain downright "don't want to" but more often than not, it's a about them wanting you to know something isn't working in their world.

Taking the time to step back and really ask yourself....what is driving my animal to do this?

Allowing them to speak their voice, tell us what they need, what is and isn't working gives them a peace of mind and they feel validated and heard. The results then are hopefully you have learned what to change or to do differently to help them deal with whatever their issues are.

Taking the time to chat with your animals can help both of you to resolve problems and build a deeper relationship. You can setup your own private session and learn what your animals need and want to tell you by contacting Latifa at friends@animalscantalk.com.

Give your animals a big hug and kiss and tell them how much you love them.

Daniel Allen