So Incredible

I want to share with you about a corporation that rose above and beyond.

My dear friend Josh worked for Texas Roadhouse for nine years before he left us. In my stupidity and humaneness I assumed TR was covering some of the costs associated with Josh’s funeral, but you know those big corporations....... Do you know they paid for everything and the COO even put in his OWN money to cover additional expenses!!

Needless to say, I felt ashamed to think the worst and have learned a valuable lesson in assuming. I am now a total supporter of TR. They rose above and beyond to help Josh’s family in their time of need. Apparently they have a special fund setup to help in these types of situations. Such a relief and comfort to know they actually GIVE back when it counts. I’m forever a fan and ask you to join me in supporting Texas Roadhouse. Such a welcome and awesome attitude in today’s corporate world.


Daniel Allen