Animals Know

There are just those times that I am flabbergasted and totally amazed in a session and find myself realizing what I do REALLY is real and REALLY matters.

I have a client I visit every 6 weeks. They have the cooooooolest basset hounds I have ever met.  They have three cats as well. The black cat always comes and says hi when I sit in the floor and chat with the dogs and their humans.

The orange cat has made one appearance on the last couple years and the grey cat only scurries around us to get as far away as possible.

I recently made my normal visit and the orange cat about 10 minutes after I sat down made an appearance. She really needed to talk to me and after I told her it was ok I would listen she came over and sat on a stool about three inches from me. She starred deeeeeep into my eyes and said we have to talk.

Now, this is a cat that never comes out to see strangers. She always hides and hates people. The owner was beyond words and kept praising kitty for being so brave. Kitty told me the house needed to be cleansed of all the negative energy and the portals closed. She also told me she was in pain and needed pain medicine.

I did some energy work to relieve the pain and gave her some immediate relief and told her she would get pain medicine as soon as I left. She stayed with us the whole session and it was clear as can be she knew I was there, she knew I could help her and tell her mom what she needed.

I probably won't see her now for months until she needs me again and that's ok. Animals know more than can ever imagine.

Daniel Allen