Hitting Home

You never know when the Universe throws you a curve ball. This one was a doozy.

You are hopeful that maybe, just maybe, you have completed ALLLLL the life lessons for your journey and you get comfortable in your existence......ok I know, not a chance.

A dear friend of mine was murdered last week here in Louisville. To say I have NOT been ok with not knowing is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Yes, my stuff, my journey.

Learning that I am truly not in control, that the world does NOT revolve around me,  realizing this had to do with my EGO has been a very hard and crude awakening. One I am grateful for.

It has been a very long time since I felt anger like this, grief like this and felt so out of control. We all deal with things differently and while I am allowed to have my feelings and move through them, I am now able to focus on sending love, light and healing energy to the family and friends of our friend who was taken from us to early.

I understand the life path that was chosen, this exit point that was taken, the life theme this go around but the human part of me is still angry and hurt.

I look now to heal by sending love and white light to those family members who lost their loved one. They will forever be changed and I hope in some way they find peace in time.

Daniel Allen