What Is An Animal Psychic?

People often ask me what is the difference between being an Animal Communicator and an Animal Psychic.

As an Animal Communicator I am able to interpret the conversation between you and your animal(s). I'lI can translate what they would like to relay to you and vice versa.  It is the ability to receive information from your animal and to better serve your relationship when their are different agendas, opinions etc.

As an Animal Psychic, I have the ability to intuitively receive messages and information from Spirit in a session. Whether the message is for your animal and/or for you, I receive messages perhaps about upcoming events, or things you should have knowledge about as you move forward. Sometimes loved ones on the other side chime in and step forward to chat too.

Together these two abilities create the best of both worlds and provide my clients and their animals with the best of both worlds and hopefully, a better insight to how their animals are feeling, thinking and functioning.

I can't wait to help you and your animal(s).

Give your animals big hugs and kisses.

Daniel Allen