I have been babysitting two awesome little Yorkies who needed rescuing Saturday before Christmas. To my landlord, don't panic, they are only here a few days. Whew ...(I almost forgot he gets my blogs).

Their Mom and Dad went out of town for the holiday and their Petsitter was a little unreliable  Of course, they called me panicked wanting to know if their girls were ok. With no backup in sight, I brought them to my house to ensure their safety but more over, to allow them to know they would have human companionship and snuggle love time while their humans were away.

They have been an absolute delight. No trouble at all. They are sweet as can be and I could not ask for two better behaved angels to watch over.

My animals were not exactly thrilled at first, and Mocha has become JUST a bit jealous. I keep telling her it was an emergency and they have NOTHING over my MOVIE STAR...boy did that work!!! Like a charm. Talk about EGO!!! ROFL.

Finding a sitter can be difficult for your pets so be sure to build a relationship with someone you trust and know just in case. You don't need one until you do.

Daniel Allen